Sitting on a cornflake....

Actually, I'm doing no such thing, but Mr Collins happens to be playing that song.

Ecce me.

The vital question arises: what am I doing here?

Not to say I'm not the blogging type. Au contraire, mes amies. I've been blogging quite happily for two and a half years now. Blogging has given me more friends than I could have asked for. But, with a certain degree of stubbornness, I refused to get a Blogger, even when most of those friends abandoned our former cyberhaunts in favor of whatever it is Blogger has to offer... that certain je ne sais quois, I suppose.

Yes, I am using French to make you hate me. The unfortunate act is, I tend to think in a blurry jumble of English, French, Latin, and the occasional Japanese idiom. What can't be cured must be endured.

The vital problem arises: what am I doing here?

Hopefully, learning to talk.

Yes. I know how to talk. Unfortunately, the two criticisms I get the most are 1) that I'm too secretive and 2) that I can't keep a secret. And yes, both of those have been known to come from the same person (who was a deeply confused individual, but there you have it.)

Evidently, something needs to be done, so I would like to exercise my ability to speak well. After all, isn't that what rhetoric is all about?