Growing Up

For me, fast food is full of magic.

It's the same kind of magic as Christmas: dinner delivered in gift boxes, stacked deep in a brightly colored bag. Then comes the tray of cups, a family of matching packages, each with its own gift tag to tell you which is yours.

As a kid, I was fascinated by the lids on those drinks, wondering whether the girl behind the window took the time to mark the crucial white bumps labelled "RB" and "Coke," or whether we'd have to find out the hard way which was whose. Sadly, the latter scenario prevailed, and I was left popping all the bumps on my drink myself... after all, that's what the lids were made for.

Now it's my turn, and I admit I get an extra burst of satisfaction when a family comes through at work wanting two iced teas, 7up, and a Pepsi. Marking fast-food drinks has gone from a six-year-old's small-time hobby to a nineteen-year-old's paying job.



  1. she is just one of those amazing people.
    i loved your pasta post, claire. :) & this one, too.

  2. Wow, Claire... good memory; my birthday is today, the 25th.

    That's great that you take the time to push the lid blisters down. I can remember asking my mom why, if they never pushed them down, the restaurants had lids with buttons on them. For some reason it really bothered me.