This disturbed me badly, but I'm kind of curious what the possible outcomes of the quiz might be. "You smell like heroin, but not Edward's personal brand. Close but no cigar." Or, "Slightly floral, like... freesia. Check the corners of your bedroom before going to sleep."

But this is the real winner. I'm sorry, Botticelli.


  1. Wow. Those made me laugh real hard.

    It makes you put your phone number in to get your quiz results, and I don't want them calling me. :-( But the questions were really funny/creepy. "How would you prefer to cool off? Cuddling my dreamy vampire boyfriend. Eating ice cream. Going for a swim. Cliff diving with some hot La Push guys." "Is your scent young and fresh, like a newborn, or has it faded with age? How old are you?" I can only imagine the results are worse.

  2. I'm not sure who creeps me out more...Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen or the male version of Venus.

    Okay, it's the latter, but just barely.