papers, in retrospect

I just had a sudden urge to get all walk-down-memory-lane-ish. Here are the non-assigned topics I've written papers about at NSA. So far it's been pretty fun.

Freshman year (I wash my hands of #1 and #4):
- Why Hamlet is basically toast (a terrible paper if ever there was one)
- Why you should believe in time travel
- Why straight edge is incompatible with Christianity
- Why I don't like Kierkegaard
- Why Pan's Labyrinth is better than The Sixth Sense

Sophomore year:
- Why Hippocrates invented science (one of the most boring papers ever, can't you tell?)
- Why Gone With the Wind was so darn popular (well worth the extra 1,037 pages of research)

Junior year:
- Why the Greeks thought marriage was depressing
- Why Plato and modern subatomic physics are really the same
- Why the snake in Book V of the Aeneid is a ghost
- Why I don't think Augustine believes in radical evil (forthcoming!)

What's the oddest/awesomest thing you've ever written a paper on?


  1. I wanna read your paper about Gone with the wind! :-)

  2. I do too. It sounds fascinating :)