getting crafty

The lazy susan: This was pretty ugly (quasi-Tuscan purple grapes on a rust background), but nothing a coat of paint and some mini travel posters (cut out of a sheet of scrapbook paper) couldn't cure. I love having it on the table to collect all the condiments and napkins and whatnot.

The necklace rack: I own a LOT of necklaces, and almost all of them have sentimental value, but it's been years since I had a good place to store them. Problem solved, thanks to two plaques from Goodwill ($4 total). This looks pretty classy on the bathroom wall, and keeps all my favorites handy.

Not a craft, but another improvement in the bathroom. Daniel has had this picture for a couple of years, but forgot to take it when he moved out of his old house, so we just recently reclaimed it.

The next projects: making throw pillows for our bed (two red ones down, three dark purple ones to go) and contriving some kind of art project to go above the headboard. First I need to take a break from crafting and clean my fridge, but as Inigo Montoya would say, don't bother me with trifles. 

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