"I forget her exact words...

...but they were to the effect that sex and motherhood should be treated neither ribaldry nor reverence. 'It is too serious a subject for ribaldry, and I myself cannot understand reverence towards anything that is physical.' There, in a few words, is the whole twisted and tortured priggishness which poisons the present age. The person who cannot laugh at sex ought to be kicked; and the person who cannot reverence pain ought to be killed."

- G. K. Chesterton, Questions of Divorce

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  1. claire rhymes with share. share rhymes with care. care rhymes with bear, compare, declare, but has nothing to do with dishsoap.

    claire, i share an apartment with you because i care about you. i would protect you from bears, and no one does compare. I declare from the rooftops--
    i am glad you use dish soap.

    i am glad you share in my life. i just put my share in yours. maybe it somehow brighten your night of studying math in which you will pass with flying colours like a blimp, at which i can only look up smiling and wave.

    i love you. goodnight.