from two sermons, one on Adam & Eve, one on Christ fulfilling the OT priesthood.

The drift of the Adam and Eve sermon: God knew Adam needed a helper, and to get this point across, He had Adam name the animals. Because of seeing all the animals in pairs, Adam realized he was alone and in need of his own other half.

The drift of the priesthood sermon: the priests stood in the Temple because their work of giving sacrifices was incomplete; Christ, the final priest, fulfilled their office through His ultimate sacrifice and now sits at God's right hand.

Don't these go together? The priests, like Adam, found animal after animal, all young and spotless, but just as no animal was a fit helper for Adam, no animal was truly able to atone for sin. Only God's work of creating woman was able to complete man. The Church is the new Eve, made for the second Adam, born from His side broken in the crucifixion. Now, instead of standing at the Passover table with our shoes and coats on, we sit at the Lamb's wedding feast. And that's what it's all about.

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