Easter: Time for Eggs

Stephanie and Ashley already have an impressive collection of Ukrainian Easter eggs. Lindsey and I basked in their expertise on Good Friday afternoon, and we decorated eggs and ate innumerable zwieback drenched with butter and jam. I made this:

Stephanie's, far from finished:

Lindsey, drawing about a hundred and fifty perfectly straight lines (seriously, she has a gift):

Also, I have no pictures of the making of them, but these are called cascarones. Take a raw egg, remove the end of the shell as if it were soft-boiled, pour out the innards, wash the shell and pop the membrane at the end, dye it, let it dry, fill it with confetti, glue a square of tissue paper over the hole, and on Easter, break it over someone's head for luck.

On Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, Chloe and I invested innumerable more eggs in a quadruple batch of waffles and a big pan of scrambled eggs for Saturday dinner and 20 muffin-sized quiches for Sunday pre-lunch, and we ate and were well-filled. He is risen! Alleluia!

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  1. Awww...I used to be the one who got to do eggs and bread on Good Friday. I miss those girls and their amazing skilz.