I love sauce, I really do, but for some reason, none of the pizzas I make these days have sauce on them. Anyway, today's was pretty straightforward. (As always, I used the dough recipe from smittenkitchen; usually I double it for a nice thick pizza, but today I used just 2 cups of flour and adjusted everything else accordingly. Which is to say, I vaguely remember how much of everything goes into the normal recipe, but I didn't look, and didn't measure any of it aside from the flour. Live dangerously.)

4 roma tomatoes
3 T white balsamic vinegar (nice because it doesn't mess up the color; also has a lighter flavor than regular balsamic)
1/4 tsp each salt and pepper
I sliced the tomatoes about 1/4 of an inch thick and layered them up in a bowl, drizzling a little vinegar and sprinkling salt and pepper over each layer, then let them sit while I grated up a big pile of feta and ripped a package of fresh basil into smaller pieces. I'd never stopped to just smell fresh basil before. It was enchanting. Fresh cilantro is still my favorite plant smell, though.

With the roma slices each cut in half, and including the heels, I had just the right amount of tomato to cover my crust comfortably. I sprinkled some of the balsamic left in the bowl over them and threw on a tiny bit more salt and pepper before adding the cheese, then baked the whole thing at 375 for probably 20 minutes. (Writing recipes out would be easier if I paid more attention to what I was doing. Oh well.) When it came out, I threw on the basil, and we devoured the whole thing in record time.

For next Tuesday, Kathleen is planning something with zucchini... I'm excited!

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