poetry class: limericks

There once was a somnolent lemur,
Who, going to bed, broke his femur.
Said the lemur, "It hurts,
But I think I've had worse."
That somnolent optimist lemur.

There once was a girl in a novel,
Who said, "I want out of this hovel."*
Her fortune to seek,
She went off for a week,
And dug up some gold with a shovel.

*there was some debate over whether hovel rhymed with novel or shovel, so I went with both.

There once was a Persian of rank,
Who swallowed as much as he drank.
When one day he choked,
No one helped the poor bloke,
And he died, the boozy old crank.

1 comment:

  1. Bwahahaha! You wrote these?! They're fantastic! Also, you're to be commended for using the word 'somnolent'. :)

    I think my favorite one (possibly due to the fact that it's the first one I ever committed to memory) is:

    There was a young lady who tried,
    A diet of apples and died.
    The unfortunate miss,
    Really perished of this,
    Too much cider inside her inside.