I'm less of a this-is-what-I-did-today blogger and more of a this-has-been-on-my-mind-lately blogger. This means that the more I have going on in my real life, the less likely I am to blog, an inverse proportion. But now that I've gotten rid of facebook, nobody knows what I'm up to unless I tell them. The proportion of mundane-stuff-I-do to mundane-stuff-everyone-knows-about is suddenly much smaller. Privacy is a magical thing to reclaim.

I got facebook when my brother was a freshman in college. That was just over four years ago. I'm 20. I had facebook for 1/5 of my life, 20%. That's longer than I spent in highland dancing, and facebook devoured a larger piece of my schedule than dance did. Dance counts as a hobby, something interesting you do in your free time.

Facebook went from something interesting to do in my free time to something I did whether I had free time or not.* That's a place of honor that I would prefer to keep available for things that matter a lot more, like... school. My Bible. Sleep. Keeping in touch with friends and family one-on-one by letter or email, rather than just broadcasting one snippet of information for all 733 of my fb-friends to read and forget about. Time for a new hobby, which is really an old one: real people and real life.

* This is not, I repeat not, the reason I deleted my account. Like my beloved brother, I am capable of shutting my laptop and doing something else. It's just the reason I'm not inclined to go back.

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