vertical autumn

Last week's pictures were just in time. Today woke up gray and rainy, and the leaves are no longer photogenic. I stayed home, closed the blinds, lit some candles, reorganized my bookshelf, cleaned my fridge, and baked up some leftover chocolate cookie dough from last week. The result: a clean and neat, warm, delicious-smelling apartment. I curled up in the green armchair that used to belong to my parents and read P. G. Wodehouse's The Mating Season and Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness by William Styron while my roommate Kathleen played Beethoven and Chopin on her keyboard.

Autumn remains my favorite season in all its moods, but I'll stick to taking pictures when it's happy. Out of the ~125 shots I took last Thursday, almost all were horizontal. It's odd: vertical shots make me happy, but I almost never take my own. These three feel like keepers.

N'oubliez-pas means "don't forget," and that's what my blog is for: a collection of things I want to keep, revisit, and remember. The leaves covering 3rd Street on Thursday, November 3, 2010 are among them.


  1. Firstly, those are some fantastic pictures. I especially like the first one. The house in the background looks so charming and cozy! I love it!

    Secondly, I hereby propose you apply your photographic skills to your newly reorganized bookshelves, that you may provide much needed inspiration to those of us with untidy, unorganized shelves of our own. :-)

  2. But the lighting in my apartment is terrible and the bookshelf is in a particularly dark corner. :-(

  3. Alas, I shall have to close my eyes and imagine tidy shelves. ;-)